Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just Had To Share - My Nephew in a Bell Commercial

How cool is that!


  1. Nice - isn't that fun. Hope he had fun filming it.

  2. Wow! Not to sound like a Cougar, but he's cute! That's really cool he's in this commercial. Maybe you can share with us how he got this gig...?

  3. Thanks everyone. Yes, Annette I think he's pretty cute too, and he is a nice young man on top of that. As far as I know he just auditioned for the part. Apparently there were so many young men at the audition that he almost didn't stay, good thing he did. This is not his profession, he's been playing the drums for years (his older brother plays guitar and sings)and auditions for parts calling for drummers when he finds them. He did another commercial a couple of years ago for a European soft drink. Too much fun!

  4. That is totally awesome!! What a good looking champ!



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