Saturday, July 30, 2016

Making Changes

Edited Sunday August 31 - So I have changed my header once again, actually to something a little simpler and what I was initially looking for. When I have more time I will figure out how to change the colours for my titles etc. to match my header. Hope you are having a good day.

Change is good right? So, I got it into my head yesterday that I wanted to update my blog header. Using Photoshop Elements and an image of a more recent card, I created a new header that I was fairly happy with. I wanted to see how it looked on my blog, so I removed my old header, added the new and wasn't 100% happy with it. When I tried to put my old header back into place it didn't fit properly and for the life of me I could not remember how I had resized it so many years ago. I have just enough computer knowledge to get done what I have to and just enough to also get me into trouble. So the new header it is. I wanted to change the colours for the rest of my blog, but again could not remember how I had done this in the past and did not want to find myself in the position of totally messing up my blog. Oh well, hopefully I can tweek it here and there in the next while.

Hope everyone is having fabulous long weekend!

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  1. Looks fab, dont have ny pearls of wisdom for you sorry. I cant even fix mine. Hopefully someone will read and help.


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