Friday, January 20, 2012

Back In Business - Craft Room Redo Complete

So, I have spent the better part of the past 2 weeks taking everything out of my scrapbooking room except one dresser, organizing all my supplies, building Ikea furniture and putting everything back together again. I am so excited about my new work space, love everything about it.

This is how my week started:

And here is how it ended (still have a few minor things to attend to but the majority of the room is done)

Love this Expedit bookcase. Still have room to grow.

My work space (still have to buy a new chair) and a new home for my sewing machine and Cricut.

And a fabulous new dresser with tons of storage! I was originally going to get another Expedit bookshelf (just a single row of 5 cubbies)to put above the dresser, but the day we headed into the city to go to Ikea my husband's truck wouldn't start. By the time we got to the store they had just sold the last one. In the end it worked out, since I don't really need the storage, so now I have to decide what to put on the wall above the dresser.

Love my new room! (unfortunately it will probably never look the same again- good thing I took lots of pictures). Here are some closeups of some of the storage:

Stamp Sets - This didn't change. I have been storing my stamp sets in the drawers of this old dresser for a while. I sacrifice one Idea Book each release for cutting up. Each time I buy a new stamp set I cut out the picture of the set and put it into a three ring binder by categories (ie. Nature, Alhpabets etc). Then I store the stamp sets alphabetically by name in the dresser drawers. When I need an image I go through my binder, find the name of the stamp set and then find the set in the drawer. The stamp sets also fit in the new 'Hopen' dresser that I bought.

Ribbon - I bought a couple of Skubb drawer organizers from Ikea as well - great for storage

Cardstock - I have always stored my paper horizontally - however this takes up a lot of space so I thought I would try some vertical storage - 12" x 12" Cropper Hopper's work great. However, I did have to cut about 3/8" off the top of the Cropper Hopper to get it to fit in the Expedit bookcase.

CTMH Paper Packs - When I get a paper pack I always take out the cardstock. I keep the B&T paper and any scraps in the bag that it came in. They seem to be fitting into the Cropper Hoppers, but because of the bags they can't be stored in the bookcase, so they will live on the top of this dresser. I cut out a picture of each paper pack from the Idea books and will be attaching this picture to the top left corner of each bag so that I can see what papers are in each bag without having to take the bag out of the holder.

Can't wait to get back to scrapping - hope to post some art by next week. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. What a lovely room. The color on those walls is juuuuuust right. Congratulations on your "new" space for crafting fun. :-)


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